About Us

A responsive partner for your people needs


To effectively and efficiently connect talent and opportunity


To improve outcomes in talent acquisition through the early adoption of innovative technologies and practices


To be the partner of choice for employers and job seekers

Employees are pivotal in achieving the objectives of any business. AstraChoice as a staff acquisition enterprise helps businesses find the right skills and talent. Our team continuously networks in the digital and real world to build the connections and database that enables your success and ours.

AstraChoice successfully staffs roles in Sales and Marketing, PR, Learning & Development, IT, and Talent Acquisition. Our recruiters are motivated to work together with employers and job seekers to help achieve their personal and team goals.

At AstraChoice we pay close attention to our clients’ requirements, both for the employers and the job-seekers and work towards creating long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Why US

At AstraChoice we nurture practical ways and means to drive better business outcomes for our clients. As we continue to refine our executive recruiting systems, we create more success stories by using relevant market data and analytics.