Advisory Services

We are your own hiring adviser

As a dedicated hiring adviser, we act as the primary point of contact when you engage us in your hiring process. We will be there to handle the process from beginning to end.

We invest time to understand your selection criteria, your recruitment concerns and discuss your hiring experiences to understand the challenges you have faced and hurdles you have crossed. By observing your working environment and evaluating your company culture we prepare our recruiters to find the best talent for you.

How We Do It

Contemporary Recruitment and Search Practices

Today’s technology and cutting-edge recruitment tools enable streamlining of work procedures such as the laborious process of recruitment like never before. AstraChoice harnesses such tools to improve response times, fine tune searching and help us make informed hiring recommendations.

We are stay current with the latest innovations that can enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of our hiring process. Right from tapping into resource pools, posting vacancies, tracking applicants and their locations to setting up interviews our approach has proven to be reliable in attracting the best talent for our clients.

We believe in the continual process of improvement based on a technology enabled intelligent screening and ‘selecting-in’ recruitment process.

Our Sources of Attracting Talent

To find the most skilled professionals and establish the right connections, we use a vast Referral Network and Referral Incentives. Proactively we maintain University Career Center Relationships as well as Continuing Education Programs. We leverage Social Media and various online special interest groups and Industry meetups.

Our Applicant Tracking Database is linked to several Job Boards, Job portals, leveraged for Email Campaigns and Social Media posts and is continuously refreshed. Based on the collections from these and other sources, we are able to maintain libraries of skills and experience that allow us to be more effective in our efforts.

How can we help?

Let us know how we can get back to you. Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

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