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AstraChoice helps you navigate the resource pool to find highly qualified, technically skilled professionals who are motivated to drive your business forward along with their careers. We believe that working towards this alignment of goals is the basis for successful outcomes.

How We Hire for You

Whether you are looking for persons with extensive experience with certain technical skill sets, a couple of junior Sales Managers, or an Enterprise Architect, AstraChoice has its process and team set to meet all of your hiring needs. Our hiring programs are customizable to suit your unique recruitment plans.

Our Service Models

Each business has unique needs which vary from one division to another and one financial year to another. At AstraChoice we believe that partnership starts with offering you choices that align with your needs. Our business and commercial models are created and customized to the realities of your business. Here’s how we offer our basic services:

Whether you need a one-time hire or expect to hire multiple resources intermittently through the year we have a fee schedule that will work for you. Let us do the heavy lifting and find you the professionals you need.

We will invest the time needed to understand your organization, your culture and your vision before we start recruiting. We stay engaged through the offer negotiation and on-boarding process. Our connection with the people we place is nurtured as a developing relationship. The evolving world of work requires this level of commitment.

When you need resources for a finite effort or period, whether it is a special project or a fill-in, we can help. Analyzing and evaluating your expectations, culture and values we commence our search for temporary staffing placements.

Our contingent recruitment specialists explore our local and national databases as well online sources including social media to identify the best professionals around. Simultaneously we tap into our current associates and alumni for referrals. Beyond skills and experience we look for indicators of Adaptability, Motivation and Attitude among others. Our recruiters understand that temporary roles can have a lasting impact.

And if you would like to make the relationship one of permanent employment we help you manage the transition with the same engagement that a Direct Hire requires.

Get Started with AstraChoice

Hiring through AstraChoice ensures you receive the support of a skilled team of Talent Acquisition professionals with decades of industry experience. This translates to intentional screening and preparation of the talent we present to you. Try us out and we are confident the experience will make you a repeat customer.

Contact us to discuss a position you are trying to fill and a Hiring Advisor will be in touch to initiate the Job Intake process and discuss our sourcing process.

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